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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dirty Truth from Dirty Jobs

I watched Dirty Jobs the other night on the Discovery Channel. It was an episode where the host, Mike Rowe, reminisces about the 250 dirty jobs he has undertaken. What I write here are some things he stated in the show that really seemed profound to me about working a job.

1. Work smart AND hard. You need both of these to keep a job and/or find a job.

2. Don't follow your passion, bring it with you. Don't make happiness or passion a condition of your employment. Passion should be something you bring with you.

3. Stay in school, but not too long.

4. Make a date to imitate. Meaning you can learn a lot from watching others. He showed a lot of manual jobs where people watched others and learned from watching them.

5. Efficieny is for robots, be effective. I really like this one also.

6. Beware of experts. Just because an expert says it is the best way to do something, doesn't mean it always is.

I went to the Dirty Jobs website and found some clips from the show. I tried putting them in here, but I can never make it work as a link. You can cut and paste them if you like!

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