Jacob and Elijah Shaddox are brothers. Jacob is 21 years old and just moved into an apartment with his girlfriend. He graduated from a technical college with an Associate's degree in Computer Maintenance. He works for a school district as a computer technician. Elijah is almost 18 years old. He is hearing impaired, has Tourette Syndrome, OCD and ADHD. He is a junior in high school. Elijah lives with his mom Mary and her wife, his stepmom. Mary has a bachelor's in deaf education and a masters in special education, and is an educational diagnostician. Life is always changing and this blog has chronicled many of these changes and will continue to do so!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ordering Cochlear Implant Supplies

I like to use rechargeable batteries in Elijah's Freedom CI processors in the summer. First of all, it saves him from using disposable batteries and he needs the rechargeable Lithium batteries to swim with his processor. We put his processor in an aLoksak bag and he wears a swim cap. The disposable batteries won't work because the need air to work and the bag seals them off from that.

I called Blue Cross Blue Shield and was told I needed a pre-determination letter. Ok, I can do that. I called his audiologist's insurance department and spoke to someone there. She got back to me and they no longer order supplies for patients, and told me to call Cochlear and they will handle it. She said if Cochlear needs the letter they will contact the audiologist for one. I then call Cochlear and they tell me they will only order if Elijah has Medicaid, which he doesn't. He suggests I call BCBS back and see the best way to handle it. He said I could order the batteries and then file it on my insurance. I then call BCBS back and they NEED that letter to authorize payment. If they approve it they will send a letter to the audiologist and one to me. She said I can still order the batteries and then file a claim. I then called the audiologist and spoke to the same woman in the insurance department there and she said they could do the letter. I had her email, so I emailed her what I needed.

MY OH MY, what an ordeal. Thankfully, we have over 300 disposable batteries, so I won't need to order those. I can just see BCBS telling me later that they won't pay for disposable batteries, because they just paid for the Lithium rechargeable batteries. ARGH. I am considering letting Elijah wear them to school IF insurance does pay for two new ones.

I am very thankful to have good insurance, but it can be a real beat down sometimes trying to figure out HOW to get things paid for.

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