Jacob and Elijah Shaddox are brothers. They live with their mom, Mary, who is the writer of this blog. Jacob is 19 and is now four inches taller than his mom! He also has ADHD and gorgeous red hair. He is a freshman at a technical college studying computer maintenance. Elijah is 15! He is in 9th grade and he is not in ROTC at his high school. He also had red hair, but it is lighter and not as thick as his brother's hair. He is hearing impaired(auditory neuropathy) and wears two cochlear implants. He also has tourette syndrome, ADHD, OCD and anxiety! Mary just started her 25th year as a teacher of the deaf. She is also in her last semester of graduate school to be a diagnostician! She will graduate in December of 2015!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day of School!

Today was the last day of school for both boys. My last day is Saturday, and yes you read that correctly....SATURDAY. I will survive, I am sure. I now have a SENIOR and a SEVENTH GRADER in the house! Jacob will be in his fourth year of ROTC and taking a college class each semester in Computer Maintenance. Elijah will be moving up to Junior High! Where has the time gone!

I took Jacob into the orthopedist today, just to check out his finger. He really did break the very tip of it. There were no tendon or joint involvement which is great. He needs to wear the splint for another week and then he can go without it. The orthopedist said it takes about three weeks to heal. The ER doctor had told him to wear the splint for six weeks! He was happy to hear he could take it off in another week. He also got a note stating he could work. He goes into work tonight, as a matter of fact!

Elijah and I are leaving for the state school for the deaf for a family weekend retreat in about a week. Jacob will be staying home with my honey so he can work. Other than that, we have a quiet summer planned!

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