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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Customer Service

Elijah was first implanted back in September of 2001, which means I have been dealing with Cochlear Corporation for almost 13 years. He was first implanted with the body worn Sprint processer, then he upgraded to his Freedoms, and now has the Nucleus 6 processor. During these 13 years, I have had to call Cochlear on average of about 7-10 times a year. I have always gotten great customer service, until today.

When Elijah upgraded to the Nucleus 6, Cochlear Corporation offered a program where you could request to send your Freedom processor(s) back to them to be cleaned and to make sure they are in good working condition. I opted to do this, and when the N6 processors arrived there were two return boxes, one for each of his Freedoms processors. After his N6's were programmed, I boxed up his Freedoms, per the instructions and kept the tracking numbers. I then delivered them to a FedEx facility to be picked up.

I checked the FedEx website the next day and saw that both processors had been delivered. Last week, I received one of the processors back from Cochlear via FedEx. I decided to call today to make sure that they still had the other processor and try to get an estimate on when it will be returned to us. I want to cancel the extended warranty I purchased for these two Freedoms to get a partial refund to help pay for his N6 processors.

I called and a gentleman with customer service answered. I explained why I was calling and then he asked for my son's name. He then said, "You are trading in your freedom processors" and I said "no" and explained the return program and that this was offered by Cochlear. I asked him if he was aware of this program and he said he was. He then asked for my tracking number, so I gave him one. He then said, "what is this tracking number for?" I then explained the program (rather irately) again and WHY I had the tracking numbers and what they were for. I asked him again if he was aware of the program and he said he was, and then put me on hold. I waited for five minutes and then I called in again using my home phone, while still on hold with my cell phone.

A young lady answered the phone who was more familiar with this program. She asked me all of my questions, got the tracking number and one serial number for the processor I had received back. She then said that she showed they had received the other one, and would inquire on the other one but would need some time. She asked if she could call me back. I said she could then asked to speak to a supervisor, explaining that I was still on HOLD with this other gentleman who was clueless. While I was waiting for the supervisor, the gentleman, let's call him Dan, came back and I got his name and he really had no answer for me except that they had received both. He couldn't tell me if they still had the one there. I told him what I had done with my other phone and that I was waiting for a supervisor. He then said, "Well I was just going by what you told me." OH this irritated me even more. I then spoke to the supervisor and explained what had happened. I compared the two customer service reps and told her about the Dan's last comment. She stated she would pull the phone call and listen to it and apologized several times.

I told her this was the first time in 13 years that I had received such poor service. I am just so glad this didn't happen early on when Elijah was first implanted.

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