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Monday, December 28, 2015

Rechargeable vs. Disposable Batteries

Disposable batteries
Elijah has been using rechargeable batteries since he was upgraded to his Nucleus 6 processors. He had rechargeable batteries with his Freedoms, but his FM system had a separate battery rack so we didn't use the rechargeable batteries much until he started using the MyLink FM system. He has had the Nucleus 6 processors for 18 months now and one of his rechargeable batteries is starting to not hold a battery all day. I started doing some research on disposable batteries and found that I can get a box of 60 batteries for $18.25. After doing the math, I would need about 600 batteries, or 10 boxes for one year. That is $182.50. The cost of one rechargeable battery is $199. The only reason to go with the rechargeable battery is for swimming with the Aqua+ kit.

rechargeable battery
I still have some disposable batteries that we can use until I decide what I want to do. One advantage of the rechargeable batteries is they do last all day and we just switch them out at night (he has four batteries for two processors, so one set charges while he wears the other two). The disposable batteries will last for 2-3 days, but can die at any time and then you have to stop and change them. Elijah doesn't like it when his batteries die, so I would have to have a chat with his case manager so she understands that he may not react well if they die at school. He knows how to change the batteries, so that is good. The disadvantage of the rechargeable batteries is they only last about a year, so if we switch them out every other day then they should last 2 years, but you never know. For me to buy four new rechargeable batteries would cost $800 for 2 years. The disposable batteries would cost about $360 for 2 years. I could try to get insurance to cover the batteries, but that is a hassle that I am not sure I want to deal with right now.

I am curious to find out what others prefer! Please leave a comment.

Nucleus 6 with disposable batteries

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