Jacob and Elijah Shaddox are brothers. Jacob is 21 years old and just moved into an apartment with his girlfriend. He graduated from a technical college with an Associate's degree in Computer Maintenance. He works for a school district as a computer technician. Elijah is almost 18 years old. He is hearing impaired, has Tourette Syndrome, OCD and ADHD. He is a junior in high school. Elijah lives with his mom Mary and her wife, his stepmom. Mary has a bachelor's in deaf education and a masters in special education, and is an educational diagnostician. Life is always changing and this blog has chronicled many of these changes and will continue to do so!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back To School

I returned to work on August 17th for the inservice and prep for the new school year. Elijah started high school this past Monday on August 24th and I started my last semester of grad school. Elijah had a very good first week of school. There were no major issues, except for him getting on the wrong bus the first morning, but he managed to get to the right school. I managed not to panic when Jacob told me he got on the wrong bus....I am still not sure what happened, but lets just say it ended well and that is all that matter. The bus route did change after the second day, because he was being picked up late and dropped at home around 5:20. Now he is picked up at 8:05 and dropped off at 4:30! This is much better. He is in ROTC and seems to like it. He is also taking a digital media class and that is going well!

This is my last semester of grad school. I am taking two class, which both involved intelligence and achievement testing. I have to get 160 hours of internship hours through my school. I am going to be practice the testing on my honey and Jacob on the weekend. I have a MAJOR project that is to be completed in place of a Master's thesis or Master's exam. I am still trying to figure it all out. I have a LOT of videos to assessments, mock consultations with a parent (my sister in law has agreed to help me), interventions (with my niece, but this one is not videos), mock ARD meetings and a few others. Lets just say I'll be BUSY...between family, work and grad school!

Jacob was home this past week for a few days. His semester starts on Monday at TSTC. He will graduate in May of 2016. He is no taking classes that are all focused on his major, computer maintenance.

I'll try to post and keep y'all updated, but it may be DECEMBER before you see me again, or at least get more than just a few sentences in a post!

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