Jacob and Elijah Shaddox are brothers. They live with their mom, Mary, who is the writer of this blog. Jacob is 19 and is now four inches taller than his mom! He also has ADHD and gorgeous red hair. He is a freshman at a technical college studying computer maintenance. Elijah is 15! He is in 9th grade and he is not in ROTC at his high school. He also had red hair, but it is lighter and not as thick as his brother's hair. He is hearing impaired(auditory neuropathy) and wears two cochlear implants. He also has tourette syndrome, ADHD, OCD and anxiety! Mary just started her 25th year as a teacher of the deaf. She is also in her last semester of graduate school to be a diagnostician! She will graduate in December of 2015!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Elijah Got a New MAP!

I took Elijah back in today to the audiologist to reMAP him! Well, what a change in his MAPPING. He has not had a new MAP since November of 2006 in either ear. Today, the audiologist worked only on his right ear since it has been bugging him. For those who don't know, to make a new MAP the audiologist sends a signal for each electrode to that ear and Elijah has to respond. Today he uses blocks and put one down when he heard a sound. She only did the threshold sound...the quietest sound he can hear.

When she was all done, she showed me his new MAP. The only thing that stayed the same were his high frequency sounds. All of his other electrodes changed quite a bit. She put in two more programs for him to try. We will go back in the next 2-4 weeks. I need to "test" him and see what he can hear and then decide when we need to go back. She will then adjust his MAP if needed and do a hearing test. She changed his comfort levels too, but in relation to the threshold levels and how they were spaced apart on his old MAP.

Elijah made a few funny faces when he went live with his new MAP, but otherwise has done fine. He has told me he likes how it sounds. I just tested him and he could hear the LING sounds, but did not repeat them well, so he can hear them. He could answer a few questions, but not some others, so he still needs to adapt to this change. All of this MAPPING stuff can be so confusing!! At least he not upset by the change! I'll keep you all posted!

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